Thursday, April 15, 2010

Local Moving Services

Local Moving Services

We at Hollywood Moving and Storage Inc. are renowned for our professional Local Moving services both residential and Commercial. Local moves are calculated on an hourly basis or a list of items. In other words the amount of items you wish to move will determine the overall Estimate of the move and the number of men you will need. When planning a Local move there are certain points to consider:

Planning: It's always the most important part of every move. So planning has become a specialty for Hollywood Moving and Storage. From supplying the correct Packing materials and labor through loading, safe driving and unpacking, we make sure every possibility is anticipated and every need is met. From start to finish, we handle the details. Our professional sales team will guide you through the process, and will initiate the services of our customer service coordinators, operations personnel, and others whose special training or unique capabilities are needed. Special requirements: It is very important that you highlight to your sales representative if you have any special requirements. These would include Pianos, Fine Art or Statues. If there is something that you are unsure about, please Contact our professional staff and us will advise you.

The Documents: Your driver will present you with the Bill of Lading. This authorizes the carrier to transport your goods. Your driver is also required to complete a Household Goods Descriptive Inventory of items included in the shipment with a brief note of their condition. You will be then asked to sign the Inventory. If any additional services are necessary, the driver with your signature must also complete the Additional Services Performed.

Points to remember on Local moves:
When do I need to call to set up an appointment for Moving?
We at Hollywood Moving and Storage. specialize in last minute moves. Contact us for additional information. For Local moves to be scheduled towards the end of the month you need to call at least four to seven days in advance to secure your date and time. At any other time of the month you may call at your own discretion.

Can someone come to my home?
Yes, we offer FREE on-site estimates, please Contact our sales team directly 1-877-997-6683 to set up an appointment.

Do you have access to the elevators or is there stairs involved?
This will affect the Estimate that your sales representative will give you for the move. It is important that they are made fully aware of the buildings that our movers will be working in. If not, you may find additional costs added to the Estimate given.

Do you require a Certificate of Insurance?
Some buildings require these certificates therefore it is important that you Contact the super of the building who will let you know if you need one. You will then Contact your sales representative with the information.

I need something to disassembly or re-assembled; do you offer this type of service?
Yes, we offer this type of service. Please speak to your sales representative for additional information.

What methods of payment do you accept?
All major credit cards accepted as well as cash, certified checks and postal money orders.

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